Monday, December 19, 2011

2011 Card Countdown - Number 12

Since I am done with work for the year, I have some time to kill. But with my pending layoff at the end of January, I have suspended much of my acquisition activities. So, in order to get back acquainted with what I have accomplished this year, I decided to do a countdown of my 12 favorite cards of 2011, my first year back into collecting. Here is number 12.

1999 Fleer/Sports Illustrated Greats of the Game Paul Blair Auto.

Strictly speaking, this card shouldn't be on the list, as it is a card I got back in 2010. But, this is where it all started. This is the first card I bought after I made the decision to try my hand at collecting. I started out with a modest goal of collecting Paul Blair cards since my ball glove growing up was a Paul Blair model Wilson.

At the time, I figured there wouldn't be that many cards. Since he had a 17 year career, so there was at least 17. But, surely not much more than that. Boy, was I ever wrong. My Paul Blair PC is up to 73 unique cards and there is at least 40 other cards that I know about, but don't have. I only have 6 OPC cards, so there are others there that I need to get. Those aren't that rare, I just haven't made a priority of them yet. The real challenge will be the ultra-short print serial numbered cards from 2004 UD Timeless Team set, cards from several early 1990 minor league sets, and the Topps Venezuelan cards.

Up Next: The only 2011 card to make my top 12 of the year.

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