Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Favorite Cards of 2013 - Part 2

8. 2001 Topps Archive Paul Blair Autograph

This card is always coming up on EBay, but it took me over two years to actually get one. Why? Because I thought I already had it.  Paul Blair shared a rookie card with Dave Johnson.  However, when Topps decided to issue sets devoted to past players, this card made several appearances. Indeed, I currently have 5 different versions of this card from Topps Archive, Team Topps Legends, and the Topps Shoebox collection.  Once I figured out I didn't actually have this card, I snapped up the first one to be had at a fair price.

 7. 1963 Fleer Roberto Clemente

If I had to choose one player that I could see play if I could, it would be Roberto Clemente. I would want this card even if  I wasn't building the 1963 Fleer set.  Indeed, someday I would like to have all of Clemente's playing days cards.

6. 1967 Topps Venezuelan Paul Blair

This particular card is not in the greatest of shape, but it is a Venezuelan.  They come available so rarely, and at such high prices, that I never realistically expected to own one. 

5. 1963 Fleer Dick Howser

This card filled two needs for me.  At the time I got it, I still needed Howser to complete my '63 Fleer set.  That I found such a nice version that was also autographed made it special. This is the second autographed card of a deceased player I acquired as part of that particular quest.  Out of 66 cards in that set, 19 are of deceased players.  This will obviously limit how many '63 Fleer I will ever get autographed.

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