Friday, August 31, 2012

I'm Going to Say It

The Yankees are not going to win the AL East.  And I rate their chances of snagging a wild card spot at about 50-50. They aren't going to have an epic beer-sodden collapse, lubricated liberally by chicken grease.  But, they are going to play mediocre baseball, as they have since the All-Star break, through the remainder of the season. Meanwhile, the younger and healthier Orioles and Rays will make the playoffs, one as the division winner and one as a wildcard. It pains me to say this, as I figured this year was the Bombers last best chance for a World Championship for the next 3 to 5 years.  But, the team's offense is too old and almost universally underperforming. Sure Robby Cano is having a typical stellar year. And Derek Jeter seems to have found the Fountain of Youth.  But the rest of the line up isn't playing well, regardless of their price point.  And, as fantastic as the pitching has been it can't make up for the all or nothing offense which has been mostly nothing lately.

And, it is only going to get worse in the years ahead.  At least until the big money guys are gone. Mentioning no names.

But that is a post for another time.

Now that I have that off my chest,  I have sitting in front of me a box of 2009 Tristar Obak. I had sold some cards on EBay recently and used the proceeds to buy it. I had wanted to get 1971 card 709 (the Don Baylor/Dusty Baker rookie card), but they have been selling for way more than I was willing to pay given their condition.  So, I got the Obak and am hoping it gets me closer to completion of the set.

So, if you are interested, stay tuned. If you aren't, no worries. There seems to be a malaise infecting the card blogging community and I am no exception.  I may just be phoning the posts in.


  1. Re: The Yankees.

    OK, I'm holding you to this!

    Re: Malaise.

    Do I have to sick Cher on you?

  2. As far as a "malaise," I don't really see it. Maybe it's the economy and the fact that people seem to have less now and are a little less willing to toss money on cards. Maybe it's the time of year, with baseball collectors who've not generally had any new sets to show now that A&G has come out. I can see that readership of my baseball-related blogs is WAY down, but it dipped last year at this time, too.

    That's no excuse to stop writing my posts.

    As far as the other topic of your post...I would hate to see the Yankees fall out of contention, but I'd be the first person to say that they were far enough ahead in the standings this year to put the division away. The fact that the O's and Rays are still in the race is as much a testament to their play as it is to the Yanks' failing fortunes.I kinda like the races at the isn't so much fun to "phone it in" at the end of the year. Especially when a hot streak at the end of the season can mean so much heading into the postseason.

  3. Maybe I'm just not applying A sense of perspective, but it seems as if a fair number of bloggers have gone on hiatus or even left the hobby. For myself, I just haven't had the time or energy.

    I hope you are right about the Yankees. I watch at least some of most games on MLB.TV and they haven't looked good. Too many injuries and too many platoons. They really need Brett Gardner back, but obviously that ain't happening.

    Sorry to be such an Eeyore.