Saturday, August 11, 2012

2006 Greats - Packs 13 to 15

Last post from the box of 2006 Fleer Upper Deck Greats of the Game box I got a killer deal on.  The summary of the box is this:  I wasn't fond of the set and I have no plans to build it.  All of the cards are available for trade. You can take one or all. Drop me a line and make me an offer. 

Pack 13

17 - Bruce Sutter - Chicago Cubs
46 - Greg Luzinski - Philadelphia
57 - Kirk Gibson - Detroit
NYY-YB - Yankees Clippings Yogi Berra

NG-JJ - Nickname Greats - Jay "Moon Man" Johnstone

Pack 14

27 - Denny McLain - Detroit
36 - Frank Robinson - Cincinnati
100 - Yogi Berra - NY Yankees

BOS-WB - Red Sox Greats - Wade Boggs
DEC-WC - 90s Greats Will Clark Autograph

There is that fourth hit. Not a bad one, either.  Will the Thrill went out on top. His final year stats were generally right around his career averages.

Pack 15

21 - Carlton Fisk - Boston
31 - Dusty Baker - Los Angeles
78 - Rollie Fingers - Oakland
86 - Stan Musial - St. Louis

LAD-CA - Dodgers Greats Roy Campanella


When this posts I will be done at the card show and, hopefully, sorting through my loot.


  1. I would love to trade for any of the following you have 'em available:
    2006 Fleer Greats of the Game:
    Cardinals Greats: BG, OS, RS
    Cubs Greats: FJ, RS, SA
    Decade Greats: BF, BJ, BR, CR, JK, RC, RO, TG, TS
    Dodgers Greats: CA, PR, SS
    Nickname Greats: AG, AT, BF, BH, BL, BM, CF, CH, DD, DF, DP, EV, FR, GH, GM, GS, HE, JM, JS, KH, LA, LP, MA, MF, MH, ML, MR, MW, MZ, RB, RC, RG, RR, RS, SB, TB
    Red Sox Greats: JF, LT, WB
    Reds Greats: TP
    Tigers Greats: JM, KG, MF, TC
    Yankee Greats: WF, WB

    Shoot me an email if interested!

  2. If you're not attached to the "Moon Man" card, I'd love to trade for it. The card claims it's a photo of Jay Johnstone, but it's not.