Friday, August 10, 2012

2006 Greats - Packs 7 to 9

So, with this post, I will have crossed the half way point in finishing the series of posts about the box of 2006 Fleer Greats I bought.  My ambivalence about this set should be pretty obvious.  It just didn't have the same quality or solid design of it's older brother, 2004.  Combine that with a stupid checklist (base set, multiple parallels, multiple inserts, and multiple parallels of inserts) and my feelings are a big old "Meh."  But, I do have to post because all the cards are available for trade and I need to show 'em to send 'em.

So, here they are.

Pack 7

7 - Bill Mazeroski - Pitsburgh
21 - Carlton Fisk - Boston
29 - Don Newcombe - Brooklyn

89 - Tommy Herr - St. Louis
DEC-EM 50s Greats Eddie Mathews - Milwaukee

Pack 8

9 - Billy Williams - Chicago Cubs

13 - Bobby Doerr - Boston
15 - Boog Powell - Baltimore
42 - Gaylord Perry- San Francisco
DET-GK - Tigers Greats George Kell

Pack 9

51 - Jim Rice - Boston
61 - Luis Aparicio - Chicago White Sox
94 - Tony Perez - Cincinnati
NG-JP - nickname Greats - Joe "Pepi" Pepitone - Chicago Cubs

STL-RS - Cardinals Greats Red Schoendienst

So, there they are.  Two more of these posts to knock out and I can put 2006 Greats of the Game behind me.

Lucky for me this weekend is the bimonthly card show up in OKC, which I will be attending on Saturday. I don't have any particular agenda for the show other than to see if I can knock a few more 71s off my want list and maybe find a vintage dollar box to paw through.  

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