Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Trade Charity from Crinkly Wrappers

If y'all don't read Ted over at Crinkly Wrappers, you should. In addition to being a great writer, he is a man somewhat after my own heart, with a fondness for vintage cards. Of course, he is a more advanced collector than I am, what with him working on 1954 (and picking up some of the old tobacco cards) and I'm just getting started on the 1970s. Let's just say I aspire to his level of collecting.

So, a while back, he posted about trying to finish the 2009 Upper Deck Icons set. I had some of them lying around that I picked up in one of those "10 packs for $10" specials at Target. I offered them up in hopes of being able to work out a trade for the Topps 2011 Series 1 cards I needed. Of course, being a new collector, I didn't have anything he needed. But, he was gracious enough to send me 6 out of the 7 Series 1s that I needed to complete the set. The crown jewel of the set was obviously the Ichiro, although when you have 323 out of 330 cards, every pickup that closes a gap is precious.

Alas, I had nothing to offer in return, so I am going to keep my eye on his Topps Heritage want list (once he posts it) and do what I can to return the favor. By the way, that smudge in the upper left hand corner of the image is on my scanner. The card is pristine.

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