Saturday, March 26, 2011

Card Show Haul

So, I am back from the card show, where I dropped around a C-note, mostly on my 1974 set. When I got home a lot of 9 1974 stars that I picked up off of Ebay was in the mail box. The haul breaks down like this:

  • 86 from the 1974 Base set which brings me to a total of 541 of 660. My haul includes a fair number of stars, one of which I will come back to in a moment. The only disappointment was the Dave Winfield rookie card from my Ebay lot which had one slightly bent corner and a three soft corners. But, given I paid $29 including shipping for cards that booked at over $130, I won't complain.

  • 2 from the 1974 Traded set, which brings me to 43 out of the 44 card subset.

  • 6 out of 16 of the rare Washington Nat'l Lea. variations, including Hall of Famer Willie McCovey, to match up with his Padres card that came in the mail. The hair is courtesy of one of my dogs.

  • A couple of Kellogg's 3-D Super Stars. This was a risk buy. I have been keeping my eye out for a Kellogg's 3-D Paul Blair for my player collection. They have been listed for $15 or higher. At $3 for both of these cards, I figured I might have a chance to turn a little profit. Alas, the Blair is a 1971 Kellogg's and these are from 1980. I might still be able to sell them for more than I spent, but it probably isn't worth the effort for a couple, three dollars. Live and learn.

  • The last two cards here I bought solely because I like them and they were only a buck each. They are a 1999 Topps Chrome Hank Aaron '55 and a Topps Archive Satchel Paige '53 Refractor.

    So there it is. I had hoped to knock of more of the 1974 commons than I did, but I am happy with the day nonetheless.

    1. I love the Paige chrome. Do you ever deal with Big Red Sports Cards? I've bought from him at a show in NW Arkansas and he had an awesome selection. He lives in OKC and I assume he deals at the shows around there.

    2. Actually, I bought the two Kellogg's cards from t the guy at Go Big Red Cards.