Thursday, March 17, 2011

Night Owl Bait

Last year, as I toyed with the idea of getting back into collecting baseball cards, I started reading card blogs. The first two I started reading were The 83F Project and The Greatest 21 Days. It didn't take long for the list to grow and one of the first additions was Night Owl Cards, who's author seems like a decent sort..... for a Dodger fan. That is high praise, coming from a Yankees fan, I'll have you know.

Anyhoo, despite my inclination to let Topps Heritage go by given the number of short prints in the base set, I did end up buying a blaster at Walmart today. I didn't get any big hits, but I did get 2 of the high numbershort prints and a few Yankees. However, I did get a couple of cards that made me think of Night Owl. The first card will likely pique his interest, but it is the second card that will make him green with jealousy. Oh, he'll pretend otherwise, but don't you believe it.

The first is a News Flashback card (NF-6) commemorating the opening of Dodger Stadium in 1962:

The second, is a Chrome Refractor card of Russell Martin (90/562) resplendent in the second most attractive uniform in major league baseball (the most attractive being the home pinstripes.)


  1. Have fun with Martin this year. He has been a stiff for the past couple seasons. This is coming from a Dodger fan.

  2. I'll be happy to take the Dodger Stadium card off your hands.

    As for the Martin card ... his streak of never taking a bad baseball card picture has officially, undoubtedly ended. He looks like some fan who just bought himself a jersey and a glove.

  3. It's yours. Shoot me an address and it is on it's way.