Friday, March 25, 2011

Mail Call

This is the 45th unique, and 49th total, card in my Paul Blair collection. It is a 1994 MCI Ambassadors of Baseball card. 14 of the cards, including this one, are autographed.

I'm getting pretty excited for the weekend. Tomorrow, I am going to attend the first day of a two day card show up in Oklahoma City. My goal is to work some more on my 1974 Topps set (I have 455 of 660 in the base set, 41 of 44 from the Traded Set and 16 of 24 of the Team checklists). I'd like to fill in as many of the commons as I can and maybe paw through a few of the quarter/dollar boxes. On Sunday, we are heading up to Remington Park to watch the quarter horse races. I have a certificate for $30 of free play at the co-located casino that I won in a photography contest and I am going to bet on the races with it. My main goal,though, is just to take more photographs. And, early next week, I should receive some 1974 star cards that I won on EBay ($131 BV that I got for $29 including shipping.)

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