Monday, March 14, 2011

I Has A Sad (Non-Card related post)

I know I should stick to my knitting, but I am really down in the dumps. I just found out one of my favorite singers is playing here in OKC tomorrow night and, due to a variety of obligations, I cannot attend. I like most every type of music, but I am most fond of the genre known as Alt-country or Americana. It combines traditional country, folk, and rock the right way. Not like all that Faith Hill/Tim McGraw crap.

To sooth my sad, I am going to (hopefully) create a few more fans for this talented artist. So, I present to you Boston based singer Eilen Jewell. This first song, Sea of Tears, has a great 1950s rockabilly vibe to it:

Here is Jewell, and her band, covering the Johnny Kidd and the Pirates song "Shakin' All Over:"

This song, from the same SXSW set as the first video, is probably my favorite. It has a laconic fatalism to it, without veering off into the maudlin:

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