Monday, January 27, 2020

On Fire!

One day after stating the blog would return to being silent for a while, I am back with another post. I am on fire!

What could be the catalyst? An envelope from Night Owl!  What did I get?

This is the 8th card I have received from the 15 card Mares and Stallions insert set in 2019 Allen & Ginter.

The cards were wrapped in paper inside the envelope. The first thing I saw as I unfolded the paper was the name "Clayton Kershaw" and I was confused.  Why would he send me a Kershaw card? Once I completely exposed the card, it all came back to me.  A while back he showed this card on his blog and, in what I thought was a throwaway comment, said that if he ever came across another, I'd happily trade for it. I had completely forgotten until this showed up and I cannot express how happy this makes me. It has been added to my binder of horse themed cards.

On a separate, but related note, I have to express my admiration for Night Owl.  I have been told I am a good writer, but it is in the context of business communication.  My boss tells me that my executive updates never have to be corrected for spelling, grammar, or to increase clarity.  But, when it comes to creative writing, I am a complete failure.  Some people have what it takes to write creatively. Others don't. I don't, but NO does.  How he writes for his work, and then cranks out multiple blog posts a week for years on end is nothing short of amazing.

And I think he may have included a little of that magic in this envelope.  As I re-sleeved the partial 1973 Topps football set I bought over the weekend, a tiny little spark crossed between two synapses in the over-ripe melon I call a head.  And I actually have an idea for a blog post that is more than just showing off what I got at the most recent show.  I have already started the research, but there is much more to do. I hope to have it out by this coming weekend. I m pretty excited about it.  Stay tuned.

What I am listening to: "Why Not Me?" by The Judds


  1. Thanks! I don't think what I do is anything special, it's just what I can do. Everybody has something they can do.

    And I'm always happy when I can inspire someone to write more about cards.

  2. Your blog posts come out nice and clean! Writing is definitely a talent I do not naturally have. I struggle to write what I am thinking and usually revise my blog posts three or four times before hitting publish.

    Night Owl is definitely an inspiration for blogging. His posts keep you hooked until the end.

  3. Greg is definitely in a league of his own when it comes to card blogs. He's been an inspiration to me... and I'm sure I'm not alone.