Sunday, January 19, 2020

Continued Good Luck

Previously, I mentioned that I wouldn't enter any vintage group breaks for sets I was close to completing.  It would only stand to reason that I wouldn't enter breaks for sets I have completed. Right?  Wrong.

I also mentioned previously that I am weak.  And in the battle between logic and weakness, guess what wins?  That's right: weakness.

Last week, I ended up entering a Burl Sport's set break for 1956 Topps, a set that I finished in 2018.  I shouldn't have, but the allure of the big names drew me in and and I figured, at worst, I could probably upgrade some of the cards in my set.  I was disappointed as we passed through the 30s, where Robinson, Aaron, and Clemente reside, without hitting anything.  But, my disappointment was short lived:

I managed to hit the Mantle card.  As you can see the card is pretty severely diamond cut. Since the break was just last night (Saturday), I obviously don't have it in hand, but I am guessing it has less eye appeal than my current Mantle.  If that is the case, I am considering flipping it for something I need, like a couple of the bigger name star cards from 1955 Topps or perhaps adding a few of the rarer autographed cards to my 1960-1963 Fleer autographed sets.  I'll take some time to think about it, but it seems unlikely I'll hang on to it.

Speaking of my Fleer autographed card project, I should have another post coming up soon with an update on a recent acquisition for that set.

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  1. Wow, that is some luck. I say flip it for something you're working on, like those awesome autos from Fleer. Congrats!

  2. Zounds! I keep thinking about entering one of Burl's breaks. This should light a fire under me.