Friday, July 12, 2013

Awesome Trade!

 I have been diligently working on the 2004 Fleer Greats of the Game set for several years now.  I really wanted to make a push to finish it up this year. But, I was concerned about the Announcing Greats subset, which pairs famous baseball announcers with a star from the team they announce for.  There was 10 cards in the subset and when I made the decision to really try and finish the Greats set I had exactly zero. I figured that they would be the last cards I needed towards completion. I was wrong.
With this Vin Scully - Steve Garvey card, I have finished the Announcing Greats subset. I had found 9 of the 10 on EBay, but this one eluded me.  So, I started googling to see if I could find one.  A page or two down in the search results, I came across a trade bait page for a fellow named Dave and this card was on it.  A wantlist was also available and I had cards he needed. So, a trade was born. 

 I also got this Greats Blue Parallel Paul Blair. I already have it in my player collection, but not in the Blue Parallel set I am slowly working on. But, Dave wasn't done. He looked at my blog, saw my fondness for Topps Fan Favorites and sent along a stack of over 30 of those as well.  Here are few, chosen because they use the design of some of my favorite vintage sets.

I am over the moon getting these cards and I am really going to need to get my Fan Favorites organized and get a want list up for them. 

Now, to anyone reading this, I would urge that you go take a look at Dave's wantlist. He appears to be a big Allen and Ginter fan, like a lot of you. Help him out.

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