Friday, July 5, 2013

A Trip to the LCS

I haven't taken a lot of time off work this year.  It has been crazy busy, and will continue to be like that for a while yet.  But, with July 4th landing on a Thursday, it gave me a chance to string together a decent amount of time away from the office without actually being away from the office much, if you get my meaning.  So, I started off today clearing some old fencing off the 5 acre pasture I bought recently and, after the heat drove me inside, I headed off into town to run some errands.  I also took advantage of having a weekday off to stop at my nearest LCS, which is only open from 12-6 on Monday through Friday.

I haven't been there in probably a year, when I exhausted their supply of good quality 1971 cards.  So, it was nice to get back.  My goal was to work on my 1973 set, particularly the high numbers.  I did just that, although I was hoping to find more than the 31 cards I walked out with.

I got a total of 13 high number cards, including this Darrell Porter, his first solo card.  These only put a small dent in my high number needs, but it is a dent nonetheless.  I also got a total of 11 non-high number commons, but nothing real exciting to show.  So, with only a small stack, I decided to go through the stores star card box and got a few more cards.

Including this Rich "Goose" Gossage rookie card.

And this Nolan Ryan.

 I also picked up 4 of the All Time Leader cards.

I also picked up my first team checklist card.   I am guessing that these will be the last cards I get to complete the set. They don't seem nearly as prevalent as the similar cards from 1974. In fact, the store only had two team checklists from 1973 and the other was marked up and in rough shape.

The store did have a copy of the Mike Schmidt rookie card, but with a book value of $150 I couldn't afford it on top of everything else I got. So, I left it behind.  So, where do I stand overall? Well, I need only 21 cards to finish the low number cards (528 and below) and only one has a high book value (#1, the All Time Home Run Leaders.) I still need around 100 high number cards and 23 team checklists.  Still a ways to go, but it is good to make progress. 

There is a two day show up in OKC next weekend. I'll probably hit that and see if I can find any more high numbers, although I am not optimistic. I have already gone through the 1973 box of the one vintage seller who is always there.  The other major vintage seller, Roger Neufeldt of Sports Memories of Oklahoma, probably won't be there.  He only does a few local shows a year and was just at the April show.  But, on the off chance he is, I need to at least check in the first day.

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