Thursday, October 4, 2012

Theeeeee Yankeeeeeeees Win!!!

A few weeks ago, I poured my angst out all over the pages of this blog.  Boy, oh boy, was I ever wrong.

It is a damn shame that Chris wasn't here to say "I told you so."  I don't think he ever would have, but he would have earned the right nonetheless.  It was a fun stretch run where the Yankees finally started playing solid ball after sucking so badly since the All-Star break.

And, in another strange turn of events, I actually feel sorry for Bobby Valentine.  I still don't like him, but I do feel badly for him. I am not sure who could have turned that toxic environment around.  It will be interesting to see if the Boston owners and executive leadership deal with his firing any better than they dealt with that of Terry Francona. I always figured that Bobby Valentine was a default choice for manager last off-season since no one else really wanted to be stuck in the middle between undisciplined players and duplicitous executive management.  My guess, at this point, is the next manager will probably be the only person with enough credibility to not be viewed as a management stooge by the players or an expendable piece part by management.  My prediction is that the next Red Sox manager will be Jason Varitek.  We'll see if this prediction is any better than my last.

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