Thursday, October 11, 2012

October Mini-Show - Cheap HOFers

The nice thing about not building modern sets is you have some cash free for getting some nice vintage cards without having to plan in advance.  Walking into the mini-show last weekend, I didn't have any expectations regarding what I might find or what I wanted to find.  Sure, I had my 1971 want list with me, but with a larger show coming up next weekend, I didn't mind if I walked out empty-handed.  As it turns out, I didn't.

One seller, who always has a binder or two of 1971, wasn't there.  But, an older fellow out of Wichita, who always has killer deals was and I bought six cards from him.  I am not sure what his deal is. I gather that he was a banker and even though he appears to be retired, still helps putting large financing packages together.  In short, I don't think he sells sports cards for profit. I think he does it for the sheer enjoyment.  This is reflected in his prices.  He had a 1960 Stan Musial when I first walked in that  I wanted to buy, but someone else snagged it before I worked my way back to his table.

What did I get?  Some seriously cheap 1969 Hall of Famer cards and a couple of 56s.

Okay, so Sparky isn't in the Hall of Fame, but this is his rookie card.  No mention of his love of birthday cakes, though.

I think I spent around $60 on these cards and 2/3rds of that was on the Rizzuto. I'm pretty stoked about the two 1956s.  I am actually starting to move forward on that set. Sure, I am less than 20% complete, but I do have around 60 cards from the set, including Scooter and Billy Martin. There are plenty of (very) expensive cards to go, including the Mantle, but I don't plan to get hung up on quality for this set, so maybe in 4 or 5 years, I could actually finish this set.

This seller offered me a pretty killer deal on another card that I walked away from because it was  more than I had ever spent on a card.  But, after some thought, and consultation with my wife, I called him back and closed the deal.  I'll pay for it and pick it up at the larger OKC show on the weekend of October 20.  But, I am going to hold back on saying anything until I have it in hand.

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