Thursday, June 7, 2012

Card Show!!!!

This weekend is the bi-monthly card show up in Oklahoma City.  Of course, I will be going, but I am somewhat at loose ends as to what I would like to accomplish.  It isn't like I've got nothing I want to accomplish in my collecting, it is just that this show isn't going to be the place to make a lott of progress on my overall goals.

This show has a little bit of everything: vintage, MOJO!111!!1!!, and discount boxes.  But, the various modern sets I am working generally don't make an appearance because they aren't mojo enough and I already worked over the various vintage tables that will be there back in April. I know that the dealers are always refreshing their inventory, but my observation is that the vintage stock doesn't turn over very often, so it is unlikely I'll find a stockpile of cards this weekend that I didn't see back in April.

So, with that, my goals are going to be modest.

1971 Topps - I am basically down to needing the semi-high and high number cards.  I have yet to stumble upon any large cache of them and I don't expect to do so this weekend.  With 118 cards to go to complete the set (only 12 of which are not semi-high and highs), my goal here is just to make some progress towards completion.  It doesn't need to be a big chunk, just some progress. It can be some high number commons or it could be one or two star cards. I don't care.  Just need to keep plugging at it.

1960 through 1963 Fleer - Same basic goal here. Just make progress.  This will depend on whether Roger Neufeldt of Sports Memories of Oklahoma is there.  If he is, I should be able to knock off a nice number of 1960 and 1961 commons and maybe a few 1963s.  If he isn't there, I doubt I will be able to do much on these sets.  Other vintage dealers will occasionally have some of these cards, but they are usually either big money or low quality.  Roger is the one reliable source.

Discount boxes - I'll probably just go through the vintage discount boxes. I rarely ever find anything I like in the modern boxes.  A sub-goal here is to find a Bob Uecker card.  I always wanted one and I might as well try and find one.

That is it.  I may come home with a stack of cards or just one really nice card.  We'll see.

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