Saturday, June 2, 2012

Big COMC Mail Call - and a Finished Set

Last week, I spent a little time (and money) at COMC.  My goal was two fold: finish my 1976 set and cheaply make progress on a couple others. 

I got two 2010 Obak Short Prints , including the one above, which is sort of a reprint of a real 1911 Obak Buck Weaver.  This card is standard size for a modern card, while the original is a mini.  But, I suspect this is as close as I will get to owning one, since a 1911 original in rough shape sold for $650 on EBay recently.  This gets me down to needing only six more to complete the set. Sure, I still need 28 out of 30 of the T4 cabinet cards, but they don't seem to come available all that often and usually are being offered for $4 or more each.  So, when I finish the base set, I am going to call it done.

 I picked up 24 cards towards my 2011 Topps Heritage (both MLB and MiLB) set.  All of the other cards I needed to complete the MLB set were available, but the asking price was too high.  But, I was quite happy knocking off a huge chunk of my needs with this order. I am now down to needing 19 cards to complete the MLB set (all SP or inserts) and 29 cards (all SPs) to complete the Minor League run.

I didn't realize it at the time, but one of the cards I ordered was the Tyler Matzek above. I actually got an auto card of his in one of the Obak boxes I have busted. I am hoping he pans out. He had a rough year last year, but seems to be doing real well in high A this year with Modesto.

And finally, the last 11 cards I needed to complete my 1976 Topps set. I probably overpaid on a few of the 76s, but I just wanted to finish the set so I can focus my vintage efforts on 1971 for the next few months.  And, yes, as a set collector, I do want the checklists.  I think my favorite of the lot is the Guidry rookie card, although there is some weird satisfaction with getting clean checklists. I can't explain it, I just like them.

So, that is about it. Not sure I will have much to say over the next week.  I'll be staying on top of any trades that are in the works, but will mainly be biding my time until next weekend, which is the bi-monthly card show up in OKC. 


  1. Congratulations on finishing off your 1976 set!

    Just in case you're not aware of this, some COMC dealers will inflate their asking price knowing that certain buyers will always make an offer for a huge discount. There are some who will automatically offer half of what you're asking, regardless of where it relates to book value or the other cards for sale. Anyway, my point is that if they're asking too much, it may be because they expect you to make an offer. Give it a try, the worst they can say is "No".