Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Returning to the Surface

It has been a rough week since I last posted. Work has been crazy, over the weekend one of our dogs died unexpectedly, and yesterday the severe weather in Oklahoma drew a bead on Norman. In the end, the tornados that were pointed towards us died out before they got here. But, we did end up using our storm shelter for the first time. Plus, getting the various cats, dogs, and horses ready consumes a fair amount of time. So it isn't something you wait until the last minute to do.

But, there is some card news to report. A couple weeks ago, I requested delivery on 16 cards in my Diamond Giveaway portfolio and they arrived yesterday. Here is a sample of what I got.

1959 Brooks Lawrence

1961 Al Smith

1963 Joe Gibbon

Mr. Popularity

And, of course, this card:

I should note that, in addition to our pets, I took our computers into the storm shelter with us, since they contain many of our vital records and about all of our photographs. I made sure to close this card inside the laptop cover. If I was going to lose my collection, I was damn sure going to save my Willie Mays autograph card.

Lastly, during a recent trip to Wally World, I weakened and picked up another one of those $14.99 value boxes. With the two code cards, I got some crappy 1990s card and this:

They are selling well on EBay, mostly in the $60-$70 range, but as high as $119 and as low as $31. I am planning to take delivery on this and immediately put it up on EBay. However, I still have been looking at the trade offers. I almost jumped on the offer of Die-Cut cards of Sandy Koufax and Bob Gibson, but I think someone else popped on the offer first, since it was gone when I went back again.

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