Saturday, May 14, 2011

My Week in Review

Sunday, May 8

This was only the second major league baseball game I have been to. The first was in 1991.

The view from our seats.

CC Sabathia pitching in the bottom of the first. CC was not sharp against the Rangers, but he battled through to get the win.

Brett Gardner stealing second.

Alex Rodriguez about to be hit by a pitch.

Alex Rodriguez having just been hit by a pitch.

Derek Jeter hitting his first home run of the 2011 season and the first of two in the game, both into the Rangers bullpen in right-center.

The Yankees had a 6 run eighth inning built around a grand slam by catcher Francisco Cervelli. I missed the eighth and ninth innings, so this is a picture of Cervelli batting earlier in the game.

Why I left the game after the seventh inning.

Coming Tomorrow: A week without baseball.


  1. Nice photos. Hopefully I can get to Rangers/Mets game later this summer. I still haven't been to a mlb game yet.

  2. I had a great time and wish I could have stayed for the whole game. We're thinking of taking in another game later in the season and, since the stadium is right next to Six Flags, making a weekend of it.