Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Post Season Baseball!

My Yankees just won the AL wild card game against the Oakland A's.    Can you see me sitting in my living room yelling at the TV for nine innings?  You can? Well, you'd be wrong.  What was I doing tonight?

Pre-season basketball, baby!

What?  I went to a meaningless hoops game when there is playoff baseball?  Yes, I did.  Shame me if you must, but I did.

My wife and I bought a half season package to the OKC Thunder this year. We have tickets for 20 regular season games and tonight's preseason game against the Detroit Pistons.

We have also on the wait list for season tickets.  Last year, we were around number 950 on the season ticket wait list.  It will be a few years before we are in a position to buy season tickets. The past two years we have bought 6 game packages and usually attended 8-10 regular season games, plus the home playoff games. So, we decided to see how we would manage a half season commitment.

See, the issue is that, as many of you know, we own a horse farm in rural Norman Oklahoma.  The Thunder play in downtown OKC, a 30-45 minute drive away. I work downtown and my wife works a few miles away near the state capitol.  Attending weekday games means one of us has to leave work a bit early, drive home, do the evening farm chores, then drive back downtown for the game.  It makes for a long day.  We've been able to manage it in the past, but the difference between 10 games and a 41 game season is substantial.  So, this is an experiment year.

Anyways, I am sure you don't care about my first world problems.  I mainly post this because I am thinking of starting a basketball trading card collection. I haven't really decided what to do yet.  I am considering just becoming a team collector for my beloved Thunder.  With them entering their 11 season since moving from Seattle, this could be manageable. But, as a baseball set builder, the draw to that type of collection is undeniable.

I'll probably make a decision and start after the Christmas holidays are over. In the mean time, don't hate on me too much for my poor decision making.


  1. Man. Whoever gets stuck running home to do the evening farm chores before rushing back to the game deserves an extra beer and all-you-can-eat nachos. Congratulations on the Yankees win. I was so stressed out by the middle of the 6th, I had to turn it off. I felt sick to my stomach.

  2. I was going to ask about your commute but you read my mind. Traffic between OKC and Norman is much heavier than I remember it being when I moved in 98. It's so cool OKC has a major team. My city is all grown up. I hope it works out for you to enjoy all the games.