Saturday, October 20, 2018

Meh Vintage

I am primarily a vintage set builder. You  know this.  Now, not all vintage sets appeal to me.  1955 Bowman, the TV set, doesn't. Neither does it's wood-grained cousin, 1962 Topps.  But, for the most part, I love vintage.

I am one card away from completing 1956 Topps and three cards from finishing 1972 Topps. While I have 1965 and 1968 Topps underway, I've been casting about looking for a new pre-Topps vintage set to start. So, recently I saw a 1936 National Chicle Fine Pen Premium (R313) that really appealed to me. Specifically, this one, with Lloyd Waner and Gabby Harnett.  I bid on it, but didn't win.  On a lark, I threw a low ball bid at a lot of 5 low grade R313s and won.  So, for $12 delivered, I received:

Not a fan. 

To be clear, I really like the pictures here,  Where I fall off the wagon is that the material is basically heavy magazine stock. My expectation was something more along the lines of the 1947-1966 Exhibits or 1954-55 Redman.  Looking at online resources about this set, it is clear what stock the cards were made from.  I should have known better, but lesson learned.  Don't make emotional bids.

So, back to the drawing board on some other vintage set to work on.  While I still really like 1949 Bowman, the hugely expensive Robinson and Paige cards really turn me off.  Red Man or the Exhibits are possibilities, although both have one card that is really expensive (I'm looking at you, Mickey Mantle!)  I am not sure what to do to find a nice vintage option that doesn't break the bank.  Suggestions?


  1. I’m a huge fan of this set. Everyone’s different when it comes to collecting

    1. If you want any (or all) of these, just let me know. I'll send them on.

    2. Sure thing. I’ll take them all. What do you want for them

  2. 1952 Parkhurst Frostade
    1953 Canadian Exhibits
    Any of the Remar Bread sets

  3. 1956 and 1972 Topps are two of my all-time favorite sets. As for emotional bids... I've made a few here and there. Gotta admit... your advice is rock solid.