Sunday, March 8, 2015

Surprise Pickup from December

As many of you know, I live on a small farm. It isn't a commercial enterprise, but the result of a hobby gone out of control.  I suppose many of your significant others wonder how a hobby could go further wrong than collecting pictures of baseball players on bits of cardboard.  Let me testify that they can.  My wife's hobby is to show horses.  We started out back in 1997 with riding lessons as a bribe to get her to move here from her native Ohio.   18 years later, I have a 17 acre hobby farm.

Most of you probably already know where this is going, but let me bring any newcomers up to speed.  Three years ago, San Jose Fuji asked the card bloggers if they collected anything other than cards.  This post was my answer to that question.  In the intervening years, the cat in the top picture and the tan shepherd in the fourth have passed away.  And then about a year and a half ago, this surprise pickup happened.  So, now you are all up to date.

And you can probably guess the general nature of what the surprise pickup from December is.

In order: Daisy, Stripe and Star.  Back in December, some dumped Daisy and her three kittens at the convenience store across the street in the middle of the night. During the day, one kitten got taken home by someone.  I found these three there when I stopped to fill up my car after work and theyens were moved that night to my barn to be my new mousers.

It has been a couple years since I had a barn cat (coyotes got the last two), and the mice were getting brazen.  Daisy rewarded me within days by dispatching a large mouse.  In the three months since, she continues to catch mice (and at least one bird.)  So, all in all another good pickup.

I will probably being going on radio silence for a couple weeks.  I still have that mystery card coming and it won't be on it's way to me until March 16th, at the earliest.  So, until then...


  1. Daisy is beautiful... love the white fur on her front. A nice pick up indeed!

  2. Somehow missed this post two years ago. Glad you added a link to today's post. My buddy has a farm and he mentioned how important barn cats are and how they regulate the number of mice on his property.