Friday, March 6, 2015

1963 Fleer Autograph Project - Part 36

I alluded earlier that I had a high value card coming.  I will state now that it is part of my quest to get my 1963 Fleer set autographed.  This card isn't it:

Jerry Lumpe passed away last year, so I had to get this off of EBay. But it is the 36th card I have an autographed version of, out of 66 in the set.  I had made no progress on this project in a while, but the "mystery signing" got me inspired again and I managed to send 4 TTMs out this week using the addresses provided by The Lost Collector.  Add in another public signing in April, I have line of sight to get my total to 42.  And, I still have 5 more TTM addresses that I can send off to!

I am quite happy with my progress, although I still need 15 autos from deceased players, which will likely limit progress pretty quickly.  Given one of those players is Roberto Clemente, I would guess I will never get to 66.  Not that I expect to even get to 65, but you get my point.

What I am listening to:  Straight out of Compton by Barney (Warning: NSFW language)

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