Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Package from Night Owl

I am not exactly sure why Night Owl sent a package to me. I may be one up on him, although he was just the beneficiary of a productive search of a discount box a month or so ago. This was entirely unecessary, but totally appreciated.

So, what did he send?

Like NO, I am not much for Bowman. The modern variant, at least. This 2007 Bowman's Best, however, is a nice card. Thicker than normal and shiny, it has a classic design that I like. Somewhat reminiscent of 2003 Topps Tribute.

This card is special as it is likely the last Topps card issued during Mo's career. I am quite sure that he will be all over 2014 products (mark my word, especially that final scene where Andy Pettite and Derek Jeter come out to pull him from his last game), but this is the last one issued while he was still playing.  I'm not much for modern cards anymore, but this one is dear to me for that reason. It will be a long time before MLB sees another man like Mo.

Night Owl, knowing I have been focusing on vintage, sent along a couple cards of that variety:

Not one, but two cards from 1956, a set we are both slowly working on.  I am pleased beyond measure with these. Not only did I need both, but they are in far better condition than the rest of my 1956 cards.

Thanks, Night Owl.

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  1. You're welcome. I need to track down some of those 1978 TCMAs, although I'll be tempted to keep them for myself.