Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Favorite Surprise Pickup of 2013

Being in this hobby, we all know the joy of finding something wonderful when you were least expecting it.  I had a fair number of serendipitous pickups in 2013.  But, this is my favorite:

You may recall someone dumped a dog out in the country near my home in early October and we took her in a couple weeks later and named her Abby.  She can be seen above playing with Buddy, the Great Pyrenees mix, who was, coincidentally, my favorite surprise pickup of 2011.  She is a great dog, although she is still a puppy and can get in a bit of trouble at times.

What I Am Listening To: I'll Drink to You by Duke Jupiter (it's a Rochester thing)

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  1. Oh yeah!! that look spells Trouble with a captital Ubble!!!