Saturday, June 15, 2013

June Card Show Haul

After the bitter, bitter disappointment last weekend of finding that the LCS in Norman is no longer open on Saturdays, I decided to go to the one day show up in OKC this weekend. I probably would have skipped it, but I was excited about starting to finally focus on my 1973 set.

As I said earlier, I need 296 cards to finish 1973 (including the unnumbered team checklists).  I was able to knock off about 121 of those today. Most were commons from the lower numbered series, although I did start to make some inroads into the high number series.

This is probably the best 73 I got today, but I did get some other Hall of Famers.

Obviously Pat Corrales isn't a HOFer, but I love this card. I don't have to say much about the card as it has been described already (and better than I ever could) by Chris Stufflestreet at his 1973 Topps blog and, of course, at one of the more popular hobby blogs, Play at the Plate.

What can I say, a card of a pitcher batting has to be shown. Jim Kaat was a career .185 hitter and managed to hit 16 round-trippers during his 25 year career.  Not bad for a pitcher. Kaat is also one of the guys I still need to get in my 1963 Fleer autograph quest.

That would have made a good card show haul, but I was able to actually make a large dent in the remaining cards I needed for my 1960 Fleer set, picking up nearly 30 cards.

 Look! It is your Uncle Ed!  Actually, Ed Barrow was the front office executive behind the dominant Yankee teams of the 1920s, 30s, and early 1940s.  But, doesn't he just look more like someone's grandpa than a baseball executive?  All you Yankee haters out there can blame your jealousy anger on Ed.  But, you have to admire the awesomeness of this card. I think it is my favorite pickup of the day. 

Ralph Kiner is likely the only player featured in this set that is still alive. Someday I will take a look and figure it out.

This was my second favorite pickup of the day.

With these cards, I am down to needing 9 cards left to finish the 79 card set.  There actually is an 80th card for the set, but it was never officially issued due to contract problems with it's subject, Pepper Martin.  Several variations of this card #80 have been found in circulation, but they are extremely rare and ungodly expensive.  As in 4 figures expensive.  So, I will consider it complete at 79. I still have some big cards to go amongst those nine, including Ty Cobb, Honus Wagner, and Ted Williams. But, I am close enough that I am going to try and complete the set this year.

So, with those purchases, my card show experience ended. I was only there about two hours, but was quite pleased to make substantial progress on two sets.

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