Saturday, March 30, 2013

More Lost Cards

Recently, The Lost Collector and I completed a trade were I got some cards for my 1973 set and I sent a couple cards for the Hall of Fame binder he is putting together for his son.  I think that is a worthwhile project to support.  When I go to card shows, it seems most of the attendees are middle aged men, like myself.  Any project that works to increase interest in the hobby in a new generation is one I would like to contribute to.  That I was able to get some cards in return was a bonus, though completely unnecessary.  I was quite surprised to get another envelope from AJ today with two more cards for my 1973 set.

I still think it is unforgivable that the Veterans Committee didn't see fit to induct Santo into the Hall of Fame until after he died.  Speaking of which, I hope you already have a Santo in your son's binder, AJ. I'd hate to think you'd send this to me when it could been part of that project.

Anyways, this package made my Friday after a long-ass week at work.  I really appreciate it, AJ.
I'll keep my eye out for more HOF cards for your boy.

Coming up:  Another mailer out of the blue.

What I am listening to:  "Down with the Bass" by fIREHOSE

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  1. I do indeed have a Santo! Thanks again for the cards you sent.