Sunday, March 10, 2013

Close, but No Cigar

I set out 4 goals for this card show.  The first, and most important, was to make that final push to completion of my 1971 set that I have been working on since the summer of 2011. Walking into the show, I needed 19 cards to finish up.  I didn't find all 19, but I did knock off 12.  Most were just high number commons and not interesting in and of themselves.

I debated about buying this card or not. My main criteria for 1971 cards is to have nice clean corners and edges and at least a little black border visible all the way around.  The top edge on this AL Rookie card is a little rough.  Earlier in my quest, I would have taken a pass on it. But, I am at the point that I really want to have this set done and to move on to other things.  So, I got it.

So, I am down to only needing 7 cards to finish, including Bob Gibson and Boog Powell. I had hoped to finish this set this month. But, since I spent my bankroll at the show,  it will have to be April now. I can live with the delay, given the reasons.

What I am listening to: Middle of the Road by The Pretenders

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