Sunday, June 19, 2011

Mid-June Miscellany

Another week out of town for work ended Friday. On Saturday, I stopped at the card shop to work on my 1977 set. I had pretty much pulled all the decent commons from his inventory, so I went through the star box and managed to get 22 cards knocked off the want list. Arriving home, I had two packages in the mail. One was the last card I needed to complete my 1974 set and the other was the four series (180 cards) of the Renata Galasso set I needed to complete that set. Later that evening, I went to see the OKC Redhawks lose to the NOLA Zephyr's 4-3.

There were a few linkages between my various highlights of the day. To wit: One of the 1977 cards I picked up, which links up with the following tribute to one OKC's favorite sons:

One of the Galasso cards, which ties to a statue outside the Bricktown Ballpark of that Oklahoma favorite:

Though Spahn was born in Buffalo, NY (not far from my birthplace of Rochester), he retired to a ranch near McAlester and died in Broken Arrow (a suburb of Tulsa). And in a semi-related note, the Spahns were friends of the Prichard family, who owned Pete's Place restaurant in Krebs. You can read about the restaurant, and it's bootlegging history (the 21st Amendment didn't make it to Indian Territory until 1959), at the link. Long story short, the family eventually opened a craft brewery and one of there recent offerings is the Spahnie 363 Beer, honoring the great pitcher.

The final card I needed for my 1974 set:

And finally, a few shots from the ball game:

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