Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Mail Call - Trade with Nachos Grande

I am a bit behind on this post. I had a simple trade with Nachos Grande where we swapped 2011 Heritage from our respective want lists. These cards have really helped me fill out some pages in the binder. I am down to needing 5 regular prints and 40 short prints to complete the set. Check out my want list and see if you can help me. I will make it worth your while. I have intended to have a Heritage trade list up for some time now, but real life has kept me busy lately. Perhaps now that the temperatures are climbing up towards triple digits, I will have time during a weekend afternoon to get it updated when it is too hot to be doing chores.

I just want to say that I think Russell Martin has been a solid addition to the Yankees line up. Sure, his batting average is fairly low at .236, but his OBP of .342 and slugging average of .441 makes up for it. He is certainly contributing more to the Yankees offense than his backstop predecessor, Jorge Posada, is at the moment.

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  1. Martin's slugging is up over last year, but everything else is the same when Dodger fans wanted him gone. I find it interesting that some Yankees fans like him so much. I guess Posada is just that much of a problem.