Thursday, January 27, 2011

Home Boy

1989 Fleer - Jim Traber

There isn't much unique about this card. For that matter, this is shaping up to be a pretty darn boring post. But, hang in there. There will be something amusing at the end. Further, Jim Traber didn't have much of a major league career. He does co-host a sports radio show here in Oklahoma City. Mind you, I don't listen to sports radio, so that isn't my reason for posting this.

One of my conceits with baseball players to see if they have any connection to the four different places I've lived. By that measure, Jim is batting .750. As mentioned above, he lives and hosts a radio show in Oklahoma City, of which my home (Norman) is adjacent to. Also, he was born in Columbus, Ohio, a city I lived in from 1989 to 1996. Lastly, he played for the Rochester Red Wings from 1985 to 1988. I was born and raised in Rochester and attended RIT from 1984 through 1988. The one geographic connection we didn't make is Reading, Pennsylvania, home of Philadelphia's AA affiliate and my home for 6 months at the end of 1988 and early in 1989.

Now, if you haven't fallen asleep, or clicked away, Jim Traber (or more specifically, Cardboard Jim Traber) is a running joke at a local commentary/humor website known as The Lost Ogle. The schtick is that the bloggers there have a large cardboard Jim Traber advertising cutout that they take around to various Oklahoma City Events. So, if you have some time to kill, wander over and follow The Travels of Cardboard Jim Traber. You can see Cardboard Jim playing the guitar, or dressing up as a vampire and hanging out with Frankenberry.

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  1. I pulled a Traber from an old pack of Bowman a month or so ago. I always refer to it as "Cardboard Jim" mainly because of the Lost Ogle. That's a funny blog. I don't listen to the Animal much, but I sometimes like to listen to Traber before the home football games.