Sunday, March 12, 2017

1963 Fleer Autograph Project-Part 62

Before I get to the 62nd autographed 1963 Fleer card, I'm going to build a little suspense and take you through the other cards I bid on but didn't win. And I am going to hide the pickup below the fold, so you have to cheat to see it. Don't cheat.

So, here are my losses:

Vada Pinson - this one surprised me. I figured it would sell for around $50, so I set my bid limit comfortably above that at $75. However, I was wrong and consequently lost the auction. My habit is to wait until there are about 10 seconds left, then enter my bid. Normally, it works fine for me. I get my bid in but don't leave enough time to have someone outbid me. But, in this case, someone else had taken a similar approach, but with a higher max bid, and I didn't have time to place a followup.  I would have liked to get it, but the final price of $82 was probably a bit steep.  Particularly since this was the first auction I was bidding on and was trying to not overbid early and shoot through my budget before the end.

Dick Farrell - I'm kicking myself on this one. I though the auctions were spaced out enough that I could finish bidding on one and move to the next, but for some reason when I flipped over to the Farrell auction there was just a few seconds left and I didn't have time to get a bid in before it closed.  The auction closed at $78, considerably less than the $132 a similar card sold for some weeks back. Who knows if I would have gotten it anyways, but I would have rather bid and lost fairly than to miss bidding altogether, like I did.

Ken Boyer - I really wanted this one. Ken Boyer died young in 1982, so I have seen very few of these. In fact, this was only the second one I have ever seen. The other one was a few years ago and I can't remember how much it sold for. So, I was willing to go up to $100 for this. It ended up going for $163. Crazy. Whomever got it for that price deserves it.  Tip of my hat.

Now, you may have figured out what the third auction I won was. But, in case you haven't put the effort in to looking back at my previous posts where I list the cards I was till missing (and I hope you have enough life that you didn't), I am going to hide the card below the fold.


 BOOM! There it is!  The final signed card from this set featuring a player that is still alive! And probably the best player featured in the set. This is definitely my favorite card in my collection.  Although, I like the look and feel of having all these signed cards in sheets, this is one that I have no intention of busting out of the PSA slab.  Thankfully, this came up for auction after I received my bonus but before we started on some home improvement projects.  Any other time of the year, and I would have probably passed on bidding, since this was probably two months worth of normal hobby spending.

So, with that, what are the remaining cards I need to have a complete autographed set:

34 - Vada Pinson
38 - Dick Farrell
56 - Roberto Clemente
60 - Ken Boyer

Clemente will never likely happen, but I will keep plugging away looking for the other three.

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  1. Congrats on find winning the Willie Mays card!

  2. congrats on Willie! good luck hunting down the rest!