Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Splendid Splinter

I have found a site I enjoy much more than EBay for auctions.  It is Kevin Savage Cards and he always has great stuff up for auction.  Great vintage cards at a wide range of condition/price points,  modern mojo, full sets, and wax boxes.    He usually has 2-3 auctions a week and there is always plenty of things that I would like to get. But, since I don't have unlimited funds, I have to control myself and only bid on things I really, really want and can get for a bargain price. 

Although I am, first and foremost, a vintage collector, occasionally some thing from the modern era catches my fancy.  You can see several of them over to right on my want list sidebar.  This is another:

I am looking forward to opening this box, which mixes old timers and modern players.  But first, someone wants to play.

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