Monday, February 17, 2014

February Card Show - Modern Pickups

There was a card show up in OKC this weekend and I intended to go and make progress on the various vintage sets I have in the works (1959 through 1961 Fleer, and 1973 Topps.)  The hope, once again, was that a specific seller of high quality vintage would be there. The reality, once again, was that he was not.  So, I didn't make a lot of progress, but I did make some.  So, I'll call it a success.

However, this post is about the modern cards I picked up by trawling through the discount boxes.

The five cards above are all inserts from the 1994 Ted Williams Card Company set.   As you may recall, I bought a wax box of that set at a recent auction at Kevin Savage Cards.  I intend to do a review of the set, but have been awfully busy lately and haven't had the opportunity. I still intend to do so, so I won't delve into these cards now.  However, I will say that I think the set was well thought out. For example, all the insert sets, of which there was a few, were designed to have unique cards in multiples of 9.

These two cards are from recent Leaf products (2010 and 2012).  I picked them up because I liked the design concept and figured at some point maybe I'll build the sets.  I''ll throw them in my miscellaneous binder as a reminder in the future.
I didn't need this card for my Obak sets.  It is from 2011 and I only have 2009 to complete. I got thsi card because it is a numbered parallel (10/25) and Banuelos is expected to get his first real crack at making the Yankees major league roster this year.  If he sets the league on fire, I'll see if I can flip it for some cash.  If he doesn't, I'm only out two bits.

Coming up tomorrow, or whenever I find some time, my vintage pickups. I only got 11 cards, but I think it was a good haul.

What I am listening to: The Gummy Bear Song. I am not sure how I came across this and, yes, I do get that it is aimed at a crowd 40 years younger than me.  But, it makes me smile everytime I watch it. In fact, I made the main character my Facebook avatar. Don't hate.

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