Saturday, May 4, 2013

May Card Show Haul

I went up to the monthly mini-show at Al's Sports Cards in Edmond today. I wasn't going to buy, but rather to check in on Bill, the seller from Wichita, who has been having some health issues.  He is doing good and we made tenative plans to get together for lunch while he is in OKC for treatment.   I took a quick look around and saw that one dealer, who usually has decent vintage selection had a "15 for $1.00" box. I thought I'd take a quick look. I am glad I did.  It was, for the most part, modern cards (1990s to present) that he probably took in as part of a purchase of more valuable cards.  But, I did find something that interested me.

This is card #1 of the 296 card (including variations) TCMA The 1960's set, printed in 1978.  But, I found more than just Smokey Burgess here.  Indeed, I ended up getting 255 cards from the set for a grand total of $15. They are all in NRMT/MT condition, which is pretty cool considering they are 35 years old.

I didn't sort through them at the show. I just took the whole bunch, figuring that I could probably find a home for any duplicates. However, I was quite pleased to find, when I got home, that I had 255 unique cards.  Not a single duplicate. Not surprisingly, they are all commons, the likely detritus of a set being broken up to separate out the star cards.

I really like these cards. They have something of a 1953 Bowman feel on the front.  And appreciate the fact that it is not an expensive set to build.  I put up a want list for the 41 remaining cards I need over there in the right sidebar. Take a look and let me know if you have any for trade. In the mean time, things will be quiet around here. Some sizeable surprise expenses leaves me a little light for a while.  I am skipping the bigger OKC show next weekend and am not sure how hard I will push to finish my 1971 set, even though I am down to needing two cards.  So,  in order to keep my vast readership interested, I may have to do a deeper look at this set in the weeks ahead.

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  1. This set is right in my wheelhouse. One of the first "retired players" sets I ever knew. Desperately wanted to order this set through magazine when I was a kid.