Saturday, May 11, 2013

And Then There Was One

I bought my first cards towards my 1971 set on August 17, 2011.  Over the last month or so, I have been trying to pick up the remaining cards I needed cheaply, mainly off of Ebay. My criteria was that if I can get a decent card delivered for half to 2/3 of Beckett book, I'll go for it.  And I had some good luck.

Earlier in the set building process, I probably would have passed on this Boog because of the centering.  However, my stated desire for my 71s is to have some black all the way around.  And, by God, there is the thinnest line of black on the right side, so I pulled the trigger on it.

I am now down to needing one card, number 594, which is the Cardinals Rookie Stars card (Bob Chlupsa/Bob Stinson/Al Hrabosky.)  Unfortunately, I have been quite unable to find an affordable, quality version of that card.  It has a Beckett book value of $6 and it seems to sell for $9 or better in NRMT condition.  Even cards in VG condition seem to end up closing at $4-$6 delivered.  I'm sorry but I am not that desperate. Yet.

Anyone have that card in EX+ condition or better that you would be willing to trade?


  1. Not willing to trade it as it will break up my set. :)

    Just want to say you're going to complete that a lot faster than I did. It took me 30 years (with more than a few breaks in between).

  2. I only build one Topps vintage set at a time, so 2 years seems like forever.