Sunday, April 14, 2013

Card Show Haul

Yes, I am weak. But, you knew that already.

I left home today in search of an Uwe von Schamann autograph for a friend and planned ahead by taking two of my want lists (1971 Topps and 1960s Fleer) in case I came across any of the 6 remaining 1971s, or two remaining 1963 Fleers, I need to complete the respective sets.  I didn't find any of either, but I still managed to buy some cards. I didn't spend all that much though, so I forgive myself.

 Two more cards towards my 1961 Fleer set.  With these two cards in the binder, I now have 87 out of the 154 cards in the set.

One dealer had a huge number of 1973s and I started to sit down and go through the commons since, even though I left my want list behind, I knew I had almost no cards numbered 500 or greater. Then I reminded myself why I left my want list behind and decided to pick up a few 1973 stars I knew I needed and call it good.

I used to get all the commons up front when building a set and leave the stars to the end.  That proved to be frustrating as I sat at "almost complete", but still had the most expensive cards yet to go  I tend to really get driven when the end gets near, and I found myself overpaying for those star cards.  With 1973, I have a lot of the star cards, lacking only Nolan Ryan, Willie Mays, the Goose Gossage rookie card, and the John Hilton rookie card (the most expensive card in the set a a $150 book value)  I am thinking that an approach where I picks up stars as I find them is better since it is a heck of a lot cheaper to overpay for commons than stars at theend.

So, that is it for now, I suppose.  With these cards above, I officially spent my wad for the month.  Completion of 1971 will need to wait until May now.


  1. Nice pick-ups and might be a good plan to go for the gold, first.

  2. Nice 73 haul... love that Munson.

  3. I've done the "get commons first and stars later" thing, too. In fact, I did it today at my card show. I'm a little better at mixing in the stars now though.

    I saw some '61 Fleers at show. Wish I had a list from you to consult!