Sunday, April 14, 2013

Almost Opening Day

My wife and I went to the Oklahoma Redhawks game against the Memphis Redbirds last night.  It wasn't actually opening day. That was the previous night.  But, since we both work in downtown OKC, going to opening night would have meant at least one of us would have to drive the 30 miles home to take care of the horses and dogs, then drive all the way back downtown.  After a long week, that wasn't happening. So we went on Saturday, instead.

The Redhawks lost 8-7, but it started out worse than that implies.  The local boys were down 8 to 1 after three innings but clawed back to 7 runs at game end.  This included a 3 run 8th inning, which I missed since we chose to leave after the 7th inning because it was getting late.

This Redhawks starting pitcher Jose Cisnero, who got totally battered around. He had a hard time finding the strike zone and when he did the Redbirds really teed off on him.  It was ugly and his day mercifully ended with 2 out and the bases loaded in the top of the third.

This is former Yankee farm hand Brandon Laird, now banished to the Astros chain.  This was taken in the bottom of the first, and on the next pitch after this one he laced a double to left-center that scored the games first run.  Later in the game, he hit a solid home run to left to drive in the Redhawks second run of the game.

Beer.  Boulevard Single Wide IPA, to be precise.

So, I am going to go to the card show today, but not for myself.  The show includes an autograph signing by OU and NFL football great Uwe von Schamann.  He is a legend here for "The Kick," the game winning 41 yard field goal in a 1977 game in Columbus between OU and Ohio State.  My wife (an Ohio State grad) has a friend and former co-worker who is a huge (and I mean HUGE) Ohio State fan.  So, my task today is to get an appropriately autographed photo of "The Kick" for the friend.  I may take a little money and look for myself, but I will probably only use it if I can find any of the remaining cards I need for my 1971 set.

 The Kick

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