Saturday, November 3, 2012

Finally...with a Bonus

So, I drove up to Al's Sportscards mini-show to pick up the most expensive card I ever bought. Although, even at a C-Note it was a smoking deal. Check this out:

Now look at the same card over at COMC.  Granted, those are only asking prices and not completed sales, but I still think this card could sell for at least twice what I paid for it.  But, I had some additional good luck today. The same guy sold me the following card for $25.

For the life of me, I cannot figure out what the circles on the card are for. At first, I thought it was categories where Mantle led the league that year, but a quick visit to Baseball Reference killed that idea. It might be intended to be his career highs in each category, although the person who did this got hits wrong.

The day did end with one bad note.  The one seller who I have bought a lot of 1971 Topps from wasn't there.  When I mentioned it, I was told he was gone.  I asked "Gone as in passed away?"  The response came back "No, gone as in 5 to 10 with time off for good behavior."  Doh! 


  1. Yikes. Maybe your '71s fell of the back of a truck!

  2. Maybe the 1968 Mantle owner was picking lotter numbers.