Saturday, November 10, 2012


Last weekend, something called Dodgerfest took place in the greater Los Angeles area.  I did not attend, but I did participate in a small way.  A 2.5" by 3.5" way.

I am pretty stoked about this card. Even though Maury Wills had been playing for the Dodgers since 1959, due to a dispute with Topps, this 1963 Fleer card is considered his rookie card.  This is my fifth autographed '63 Fleer.  And I have another three coming to me in the next few weeks as a result of the most recent Chris Potter Sports signing.  As you might guess, I have set out to try and get as many of the cards in this set autographed as I can.  So, I decided to break it down to see what the challenges would be.

1963 Fleer is a small set, the first Fleer set to feature contemporary players, rather than retired greats. As such, they were only able to feature 66 players.  I don't expect to ever get them all, but I would like to get a large chunk of them autographed..  Some of the challenges:

  1. 20 of the featured players have passed away, although some of their cards may be available with autographs on the secondary market.
  2. Roberto Clemente - Even if one became available, I couldn't afford it.
  3. Don Drysdale - same as Clemente.
  4. Sandy Koufax - he does limited signings and I believe charges a minimum of $400. Unless I hit the Lotto (unlikely since I don't play) that is way too rich for my blood.
  5. Willie Mays - I am not sure the "going rate" but I suspect he falls into the same category as Koufax - rare and too expensive
  6. Warren Spahn - they are going for over $120 on EBay. It is getting into the range that I might decide to buy one in an impulsive moment.  But, I am not feeling impulsive at this moment.
  7. Joe Adcock - deceased and a short print card.  I don't expect to ever see one come up for sale.
In the same envelope this came in, Hall of Fame Sports included flyers for their upcoming signings.  In December, they are having a signing with Tommy Davis, who is also featured in 1963 Fleer.  So, since I was catching the bug, I did some googling last night and saw a Carl Yastrzemski signing next weekend. Unfortunately, the deadline for submitting by mail was yesterday. But, I expect there will be others in the future. I did find a Brooks Robinson signing for early December that I am going to send a card in for also.  So, with what is in hand, on it's way, or identified for the future, that would get me to 10 total cards in the set I will have signed.  Pretty cool.
You can see my previously signed 1963 Fleer cards here.

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