Saturday, July 14, 2012

Obligatory Allen & Ginter Post, or the story of my life as told in the medium of LOLCats

Y'all know the drill.

I had to run down to Walmart to buy eggs, milk, bread, and feminine hygiene products.

And alluvasudden I am on the card aisle.

How did that happen?  I don't know!  One minute I was lost in a sea of pink and purple boxes and the next minute I am standing in front of baseball cards!  Am I having some kinda Billy Pilgrim moment?

Well, as long as I am here.....

Hey, look is that something new since the last time I got lost and ended up on the card aisle?

Why, yes it is!  OMGWTFBBQ! It is blasters of Allen and Ginter!

Well, $19.98 is awfully expensive. I could buy a coupla big ole T-Bones for that.

Wait a minute?  That blaster comes with an extra pack? Whoa! What a deal!  That totally changes the situation.  Besides, it's taco night, so the steaks would just go to waste.


Okay, I'm home. Probably should put the frozen stuff away first. Oh! Hello, dear, how was your day? Why, yes that is a box of baseball cards.  

Well, technically, it didn't cost $20.  It was only $19.98.

Well, I can't return it now, so let's see what's inside

Anything good?

I'll say this. A&G has some interesting insert sets.  Frankly, I like the inserts better than the base set.

When I first started blogging, I was put off by nonbaseball players in baseball card sets.  But, I think they actually complement A&Gs quirkiness.  They fit here.

I'm sorry, but this picture is fuh-reaky!  I get that 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches is a small space and any artwork intended to be reproduced in such a size will need more pronounced contrasts in the colors to translate well.  But, dang, this image is going to haunt my sleep for at least a day or two.

Oooh!  A hit!

These little suckers are selling for between $20 and $30 on EBay. So, after I pulled this I threw it up on the 'bay as an auction with the option to Buy-It-Now for $25.  Less than a day later, someone bought-it-now.  So, I made bank.  I've got some other things to put up on EBay, so I'll probably sit on the proceeds from this card now and use it later to help fill out some of my open sets.

So, that is my Allen and Ginter experience for 2012.

The End

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