Saturday, March 31, 2012

Cards from The Junkie, Part 2

So, my job interview is over. It seemed to go okay, although I am not particularly optimistic about my chances. My friend on the inside, who was part of the interview team, mentioned afterward that some of the other candidates had industry experience, which I don't. He said they those candidates had their own weaknesses, and indicated that I am still in the running. So, now I have a two week wait to actually hear the outcome. As I said, I am not optimistic, so it is back to the long, slow, humiliating grind of looking for jobs. I have to remind myself that I made a deliberate choice not to look for another job with my previous employer, and in the long run, I am better off leaving a company that is slowly dying, but it is small consolation.

What has been big consolation, though, has been the pack of cards I got in the mail the other day from dayf over at Cardboard Junkie (and another surprise package I got yesterday from Night Owl. But more on that later.) I am breaking my Junkie package into three posts, in order better milk what limited posting material I have available. Previously, I showed the sweet sketch card he sent me. Today, I am going to show the cards he sent that I needed for sets I am building. He was under no obligation to send me any cards, so I am quite appreciative that he took the time to scour through my want lists.

For my 2001 Topps Heritage set:

For me 2002 Topps Heritage set:

For my 1976 Topps set:

There was actually a number of other 1976 cards he sent, but I have put them in the binder already, and I forgot to get a count. Suffice it to say that these above were the stars of the show. Cards of star players that are in great condition. While Randy Jones isn't a huge name anymore, he did have two outstanding years with the Padres in 1975 and 1976, winning 20 and 22 games respectively and finishing second and first in the NL Cy Young race (also respectively.) That this card came between those two stellar seasons makes it extra special, even if Beckett doesn't agree. I don't give a rat's ass what Beckett says. I love this card. And, by the way, that isn't a crease up at the top, the right of Randy. That is a dog hair. I really need to clean around here.

These cards were awesome and would have made me very happy all by themselves. But, dayf wasn't done. More tomorrow.

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