Monday, December 21, 2020

Have You Seen Me?

The news is full of stories as to how, with huge volumes due to pandemic online ordering and administrative neglect (if not sabotage) the Post Office is way behind on package delivery.  The local post office operations are really good. The Oklahoma City sort facility generally turns packages around to locl offices in a matter of hours.  And if they arrive at my local office by 5:30 AM, they are out for delivery by 7:00.  But, I know the situation and have been patient while two card packages have taken two weeks to work their way into my zip code.

They finally arrived at the main office Saturday afternoon and I was pleasantly surprised to see the carriers were out delivering packages on Sunday.

I was out clearing (still) downed limbs from the late October ice storm.  I saw the mail carrier stop at my box and drop the mail off. I finished the tree I was working on and, about a half hour later, walked to the box to get my cards. was empty.  A quick post on the city ward Facebook page confirmed that mail theft is rampant right now and other people have either had packages stolen or found empty boxes in the bar ditch.  For the most part, the cards were mostly commons for my 1960 and 1965 set.  I'm not happy they were stolen, but we aren't talking a huge sum of money. Maybe $40 at best.  I'll get over it eventually.  But, my winnings from a recent group break were also to be delivered and that included the card above: 1960 Topps All Star Rivals (Mantle/Boyer.)  It is one of three Mick cards in the 1960 set and I was happy to get it out of the way. So much for that, eh?

As I said, the mail service is pretty darn good around here and this is the one thing that has gone wrong in the 18 years I've lived out here.  So, I am fortunate overall.

Just not today.


  1. That's awful! I'd be pretty pissed if I were you. If this kind of thing starts happening more, the whole blogger trade scene might shut down.

  2. Dang... that's terrible. Like The Diamond King... I'd be very upset. It's crazy that people have the audacity to go up to someone else's stuff and just take it. It's truly sad and upsetting. I am glad though that these kinds of stories are heavily outweighed by positive stories. But sometimes one experience can leave a very bad taste in our mouth.