Thursday, June 7, 2018

Closer Still

Since my last post, I've acquired more 1956 Topps cards.  A few through trades, but most through Ebay set break auctions.  I've not been posting as I have been busy at work and various projects around the farm.  But, three more arrived today and, since we had a major rain storm today there is little I can do outside tonight.  So, I am going to post the 3 '56s that showed up today:

I am not quite sure what to make of Sherm Lollar's sneer, so I'll just put him in the binder and move on. With these three, I am down to needing 26 cards to finish my 1956 set.

On a related note, last week I booked my flights to Cleveland so I can go to the National show.  My parents live in Cleveland, so I'll be flying in on Friday, crashing at their place and attending the show on Saturday and Sunday. I don't fly out until Tuesday morning, so I am considering running out to the Cedar Point amusement park on Monday.

My goals for the National are to look for one or more of the three 1963 Fleer's I don't have in autographed form (Clemente, Boyer, Farrell) and or finding an affordable 1956 Topps Mickey Mantle. That's it. Obviously, once I get there, who knows what will happen.  But, I am mainly going just to see what it is all about and work on my hard-to-finish projects.

Anyone else going?

What I am listening to:  Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley and k.d. lang

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  1. Good location for the National, I'm attending this year after really enjoying the facility and local environs in 2014. You'll have plenty of options to compare 56T Mantles, but you'll have to dig deep for auto'd 63 Fleers!