Sunday, April 1, 2018

New PC Addition

It has been a while since I added anything to my Paul Blair player collection.  But, something came up recently that I didn't have.

Strictly speaking, I have this card already. It is from Upper Deck's 2004 Timeless Team set.  It is one of two different cards featuring Paul Blair: one as a member of the 1969 Orioles and another as a member of the 1970 Orioles.  Yeah, I don't get that either.  

Anyways, these cards come in a number of variations.  There is, of course, the base card version. Then there is a bronze version numbered to 50, which is the card above.  Then there is a gold version numbered to 5 and a platinum 1/1.  Additionally, there is an autographed version. I have all but the platinum 1/1 for the 1970 team version.  For the 1969 team card, I only have the base and the autographed versions.  I probably have seen the others, but didn't recognize them. In my Ebay searches I tend to scan images quickly and zoom in on anything that isn't familiar.  With a total of 16 saved searches, there isn't much choice. But, I guess I need to change that now.

What I am listening to: Caleb Meyer by Gillian Welch and Dave Rawlings

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