Tuesday, February 13, 2018

A New Player Collection Addition

It's cold outside and I am not interested in going outside and doing anything.  There is plenty to do around here, but I think I'll crank out another post before I go dormant again.

It has been a long time since I added anything to my two player collections: Paul Blair and Johnny Antonelli. I have likely exhausted most of the major issues for both men and am down to the rare oddball/regional issues.  Of course, there are numerous non-licensed cut-auto issues over the last decade.  But, I don't really collect those as they generally don't feature photos and are issued in deliberately low numbers (Artificial scarcity makes my blood boil and is why I gave up collecting modern set issues (I'm looking at you, Heritage!)

But, I continue to keep an eye on EBay in case anything new (to me) pops up for these PCs. A few weeks ago something did:

A 1961 Kahn's Wiener Antonelli.  This is considered card #1 in the 43 card set.  The cards aren't actually numbered, as you can see below. But, Antonelli is first when the card subjects are alphabetized.  So, card #1. Kahn's was an Ohio meat company, so this set only features players from the Indians, Reds, and Pirates.  The set features Hall of Famers Bill Mazeroski, Frank Robinson, and Roberto Clemente.

A quick review indicates that this is the 62nd unique Antonelli card in my collection.  That includes a couple Stratomatic cards.

What I am listening to: Corazon Espinado by Santana


  1. awesome addition! love the Kahn's sets, hoping to pick up any Clemente one day.

  2. I'll take the cold over the heat. It's been uncomfortably warm here in San Jose. Cool Kahn's oddball. Love their slogan.