Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Fleer Autograph Project - Part 54

Let me admit up front I can be condition sensitive with my collection.  Being solely a vintage set collector that means that progress can be slow.  It took me nearly 2 years to complete 1971 Topps, even though it was my main focus during that time.   I am learning to relax my standards some, mainly due to my quest to build 1956 Topps. There is just no way I can complete that set within my budget if I maintain the same condition standards I apply to my 1970s sets.

The card above is not of a condition I would normally go for.  But, this is the first autographed Lou Clinton card I have any recollection of seeing. So, I picked it up in order to keep my progress going.  I did so with the intent of upgrading if I ever get the chance.  Until then, I now sit at 54 autographed cards out of the 66 card set.

What I am listening to:  Long I Ride by Robbie Fulks

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