Saturday, February 20, 2016

Alternate Collection Update

About three and a half years ago, San Jose Fuji asked if the sportscard bloggers collected anything other than sportscards.

This post was my answer.
Update #1
Update #2

Since then, there has been a few changes.  We sold the grey thoroughbred in the 6th picture in the first post, leased out the pony in the next picture down to a friend to use as a lesson horse, and sold the Welsh Pony three more pictures down.  Additionally, we lost Star, one of the barn cats in Update #2 to a predator.

Last weekend, we drove up to Wichita and bought Traeh, a 4 year old Irish Sport Horse.

Traeh is going to be my wife's up and coming show horse. Her main show mount, Clyde, is pushing 20 years old, which is roughly 63 in human years.  He is still healthy and loves to compete, but we cannot ask him to do higher level competing without risking injury. So, she'll still do lower level events with him and start bringing Traeh along over the next few years.

What I am listening to:  If Wishes Were Horses by Star Anna


  1. Traeh is good looking horse. Thanks for the update!

  2. Always enjoy reading about what other collectors collect outside of our hobby. Very, very cool.