Monday, June 1, 2015

The Old Ballpark

A lot of you probably read Julie over at A Cracked Bat.  If you do (and you should,) you will know that she recently ran into Ferguson Jenkins in a card shop called The Old Ballpark in Oklahoma City. As an OKC area guy, I can confirm it is a great shop.  The shop in Norman, The Dugout, has a better selection of vintage but isn't as well organized and doesn't seem to put a lot of emphasis on current releases.  The Old Ballpark still has a decent selection of vintage, but does market current releases and has a large number of discount boxes at various price points.

I went there this past weekend with my 1975 and 1979 Topps want lists in hand. I didn't see any boxes of 1975 commons, but did find a one and a half 800 count boxes of 1979 cards.  At last check, I needed around 216 cards to finish 1979. I was able to knock off 117 at The Old Ballpark.

I got a handful of stars, the best of which was this  Jim Rice.

I also got most of the 26 team prospect cards. In fact, I only need 2 more to complete that subset.

I also managed to make one recent addition to my Waner brother PCs on an EBay auction..

I bid on this not expecting to win, but ended up getting it for $15 delivered.  There is the bimonthly OKC show coming up at the end of June that I am going to go to. So, July is the perfect time to get started on the Waner PCs in earnest.  I'll probably start with getting a bunch of modern base cards that are inexpensive and start working to get a few of the vintage cards at bargain prices.

Coming up: Additions to another player collection.

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